Saturday, January 10, 2009

New cat bed

My friends Sharon and Peter's cat died a few weeks ago and they gave away all of her food, litter, brand new cat bed, bags of Greenies, etc. Kitty had been a feral cat in Santa Monica, California, near where Peter worked, and his secretary gradually befriended the cat and persuaded him to adopt the cat and take her home. She was either completely feral or had been stray for quite a while, and it took her a long time to come around. Both Peter and Sharon tell of how she slashed them, screamed at them, etc. but when i met her, after they moved to Virginia and Kitty was about 10 years older, she seemed like a very sweet, slightly shy, soft grey kitty, who cautiously let me pet her, accepted some people food from my hand, and sniffed at my purse and shoes (no doubt carrying the scent of my cats) with great interest.

I was really sad to hear that Kitty had died (she developed renal failure and went downhill quickly) and was sad that Sharon and Peter seemed so determined to get rid of all her stuff. They said when they get a new kitty they want to get all new things for that cat. I'm glad at least they're talking of getting another cat. I gave the food to my friend Fern who has many many cats, spread the bags of Greenies amongst other cat-loving friends, and offered the new cat bed to Gingy in place of her other bed, that had also belonged to a deceased kitty, poor sick little Tommy whose story i'll tell at some point.

Anyhow, Gingy hasn't been that interested in the bed. I put it up on a box next to the table in the basement where i do my stamping stuff...same place her old bed was. Tonight i was down in the basement working on some cards, Gingy came along, meowed a couple of times, looked at the bed, sniffed at the bed, i told her "it's o.k., Gingy, it's for you"...and she levitated right into it and curled up, purring. Rest in peace, Kitty, and thanks for the use of your lovely bed.


  1. That's sad that Kitty passed on, but great that she had a safe and loving home for so many years.

    If your cats are anything like ours, the new bed will be ignored for ages then it'll get snuck in to the rotation of cat bed usuage!

  2. That blue goes furry well with Gingy's furs, no wonder it was accepted. We agrees with Everycat that it is lovely that a feral cat got so tame and loving towards humans. Hopefully your friends will take in another cat in need!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  3. Hi Whicky. It seems like Gingy has accepted the new bed...that's her in the picture, and she spent all evening in it! Hi Siena and Chilli. Yes, thanks, i agree that the blue really shows off Gingy's furs beautifully, and i think she's a typical kitty who knows exactly how/where to lay so that she looks as gorgeous as possible. And i do so hope that Sharon and Peter will soon adopt another kitty in need.

  4. We just want t say hello and to thank you for your visits and your kindness to us following the loss of our Sen-Chan.

    Tom, Tama-Chan and #1

  5. Gingy looks so beautiful and content in the new bed. I always love it when my cats try out a new basket or bed and stay in it!

  6. That is great that the cat bed has found some new furry warmth!!!!

  7. Gingy looks very comfy in that lovely bed. We're very sorry that Kitty had to go to the bridge - but pleased she had such a loving home first.

    When Mom's beloved cat Henry died in 2004 (age nearly 20)- she felt she just had to give everything away too, and start again when she eventually had a new cat (me in 2008) - because it upset her too much to keep things.

    Then, very recently when Mom was sorting a cupboard out she came across Henry's brush (he loved to be brushed) and there was still some of his beautiful white siamese floof in it. Mom cried a lot and buried her nose in the floof still in the brush and then she said she thought Henry would want us to use it. So now we get brushed with dear little Henry's brush and it is a lovely link with the beloved brother who died before we was borned and whom we have never met. We've seen his photos though and he was gorjuss.

  8. Hi Nan. When they accept a new bed they make us feel like we've finally done something right *g*. Tama-chan, Tom, and #1, thank you for got so many messages of condolence, it must be a lot of work to visit everyone, that's very nice of you. Goldie, the bed is now full-filled *g*. Hi Milo and Alfie, thanks so much for stopping bye. You wanna play?? That is a sad and sweet story about Henry. I'm so glad that your mom adopted the two of you, what sweet little sprites you are. And it's lovely that she found Henry's brush and it's now a link between you and him.

  9. how life with cats affects us all, as seen here in these comments. We bear the sadness of their passing to be able to share a life with them, and are made better by that sharing...

    Teri and the cats of Furrydance